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      Bees are under increasing pressure due to pesticides, parasites and poor nutrition, yet we expect them to deliver high performances in pollination to produce as much good quality honey as possible. To support our bees, BeeVital has developed a naturally sourced, high quality, power feed for bees - BeeStrong .    

      What is BeeStrong?

      BeeStrong the #1BeeFeed is a natural colony booster. It helps to improve the brood nest by strengthening the larvae and increases the availability of amino acids! It is safe for the beekeeper, the honey, the environment and beneficial for bees. BeeStrong is based on purified protein, it has the ideal amino acid composition almost like the bees' Royal Jelly.  

      Importance of Amino Acids

      Bees store protein in their body, the higher the level of protein in their bodies, the stronger the bees are - the longer they can live and the better the bees will be able to collect economic yields of honey, pollinate crops, and produce queen bees. Bee body-protein is a good measure of the hives' ability to survive winter and overcome many of the bee diseases. It is reduced by honey production, cold or hot weather, wax production, and an increase in breeding.

      The Effect of BeeStrong     

      Tested in Laboratory and Field Trial

      We found that certain proteins which have a high nutritional value even show beneficial enzymatic activity. They improve the microbial environment in the brood nest. When BeeStrong is included in the bees' diet for the brood more larvae develop successfully into adult bees and adult bees are heavier and more vigorous.

      Your Benefits 

      • BeeStrong is  easy to use and has no seasonal limitation, it can be administered anytime bees  are accessible to sugar-syrup feeding.

      • When BeeStrong is included in the bees’ diet for the brood  more larvae develop successful  into adult bees.

      • BeeStrong helps the colony to  build up faster and recover faster  from a period of low bee population.

      • BeeStrong helps adult bees to  gain body mass and last longer

      • BeeStrong improves the brood pattern for a stronger colony with  higher honey productivity and more pollination power!

      Laboratory Trial

      BeeStrong's effect on the brood development was investigated by the Bee-Health Group of prof. Dr. K. Crailsheim of the University of Graz, Austria, in summer 2013.

      Positive Effect on Brood Development

      The team used artificial brood rearing to establish controlled conditions and then compared the survival rate – meaning how many eggs turned into healthy adult bees – of syrup fed vs. syrup and BeeStrong fed larvae. The results show in the BeeStrong group the survival rate increased up to ~10%.

      Positive Effect on Adult Bees

      In addition, the weight of the adult bees was analyzed, after larvae were fed with BeeStrong. It was found that the bees were on average 5 ‐ 10% heavier. This was found in caged experiments and was confirmed in the field: colonies were fed BeeStrong during brood rearing and the bees collected immediately after hatching and weighted.

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      Field Trial

      Positive Effect on Honey Production

      After the laboratory trial, the effect of BeeStrong was assessed in a field test with a commercial beekeeper in Canada. The test was carried out throughout the season and consisted of two groups of 20 weak colonies with brood problems which were treated equally. The only difference was that one group was fed BeeStrong 2 times at the beginning of the season.


      • 1 week after 1st feeding the test-colonies showed  remarkable improvement in the brood.
      • The bees were calmer
      • The BeeStrong group showed a higher population at the end of the study. 
      • Honey yield increased by almost 30% in the BeeStrong group.


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      How BeeStrong Turned Around "Brood from Hell"

      Gilbert Vannoy aka Chip, an extremely passionate and successful Californian beekeeper, was the very first person to try BeeStrong in the US - with incredible results.

      Colonies have significantly improved one month after first feeding.

      APRIL 9, 2015.

      Brood from Hell. 

      1st BeeStrong feeding. 2nd feeding 2 weeks later.

      APRIL 9, 2015.

      1st BeesStrong feeding.

      Severely spotty brood patterns  were observed.

      MAY 13, 2015.

      One month after first feeding. 

      Brood patterns have recovered and hives show vital activity . Overall the
      colonies have significantly improved!

      MAY 13, 2015.

      Brood photos: Gilbert Vannoy.

      Photos taken before and 4 weeks after feeding colonies with BeeStrong.

      How to use BeeStrong

      BeeStrong is easy to use,  for one colony simply dilute  1.7 fl.oz (50ml) of BeeStrong  in no less than 10 fl.oz of syrup, 1 gal recommended (a measuring cup is included). Stir well and feed to your bees. Repeat after two weeks, if required.
      We recommend feeding at least twice a year. This requires approx. 100ml (3.38 fl.oz) per colony/year.

      When to feed BeeStrong

      Spring   with the incentive feeding to stimulate larvae rearing, and to assure the colony starts the new season with healthy brood. It is used to boost colony strength into early spring!
      Late summer   , at the end of the season, to rear strong and healthy wintering bees. This helps the colony with overwintering.
      And when you notice a problem in the brood development  and the bees are accessible to sugar-syrup feeding (periods of dearth of nectar).

      Available Packaging

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      Product Sizes Available

      Bottle 8.45 fl.oz (250ml)  serves 5 - 10 colonies 
      Bottle 33.8 fl.oz (1000ml)    serves 20 - 40 colonies
      Jerry can 2.64 gal  (10 liter)  serves minimum 200 - 400 colonies

      For larger quantities (>20 gal) please contact us

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