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Welcome to BeeVital 

Our Philosophy

"Our aim is to offer new and modern approach's to the challenges faced in apiculture, by supplying products that match the latest advances in today’s agriculture. The increasing preoccupation around the world for food safety, animal care and health, the need to save what is left of the intact environment are ideas that we take into consideration in our activity, that we incorporate into our philosophy."

-Dominik N. Hohl, CEO BeeVital

Innovative Products


About BeeVital 

Save The Bees, Save The World

At BeeVital, we create products specifically for the beekeeper. We provide the beekeeper with efficient and safe means of dealing with the present and potential threats to honeybees' health. By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in our products and researching alternative methods instead, the support of organic beekeeping and agriculture, the concern for the environment and food safety are cornerstones in our philosophy and strategy.

The company was founded by Werner Hohl in the late 80s, originally as a honey trading company. When trading honey Werner became familiar with the necessity of beekeepers to actively care for their bees' health.

Since then Werner’s son, Dominik Hohl has taken over ownership and expanded the company further. With the help of beekeepers in America, Dominik was able to successfully start the first testing of BeeStrong in California. BeeStrong is currently the #1BeeFeed on the market and is proving its worth! It ensures bees get stronger and strengthens the brood, continuing the business that his father started to help save the honey bee!